Who am I?

My name’s Katy and I’m an… No seriously.

I grew up in the UK, spent a lot of time in France and Italy and decided that the world of “Big Business” was not for me. Instead I started to learn about wine and then to love it and finally to sell it

I moved to New Zealand in 2006 with my soon-to-be kiwi husband (soon to be husband, he was kiwi already). I work in the wine industry – as sales and marketing manager for Nautilus Estate – he doesn’t. It’s very grounding.

I’m studying for my MW or Master of Wine qualification. This is not grounding at all. However it does involve fairly extensive travel and tasting and brings me into contact with other people as obsessed I am with the world of hedonism.

My role at Nautilus means I am naturally biased towards Nautilus and Negociants wines, Marlborough and NZ. It is a wonderful role that allows me to enjoy many experiences which I otherwise would not – and many of those discussed in this blog.

However “Kiwihedonist” is a personal endeavour and absolutely not intended to be a marketing tool for Nautilus. I merely point out my “day-job” for the sake of transparency.

Here's a photo of me enjoying a glass of an unnamed wine...

Here’s a photo of me enjoying a glass of an unnamed wine…

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