I found this book in the library, and pretty much read it in a single sitting.

Inspired, I shopped online for both equipment and ingredients. According to google I am not the first to do so, but there appears to be a certain amount of disdain among trade suppliers, for us “do it at home” types who want to buy obscure, chemical sounding ingredients in single serve quantities…

However after a few attempts I managed to get the ingredients and some of the equipment I was after.

“Molecular” cuisine comes in for more than its fair share of derision – understandably because foams and spheres do not make bad food into good, and overdone become as predictable and samey as any other technique. However, while I do love the classicism of certain types of cuisine (French and Japanese spring to mind) with their precisely codified rules and requirements, I love the excitement of surprise in food.

I do hope to be boasting proudly about some of the results of this new-found obsession soon.