Talking to a friend about this event yesterday, she said that you can’t really describe Artdego adequately to someone who hasn’t seen it for themselves.

artdego13 9

NZ Clams representing the psychadelic sexual themes of…

Like seeing Cirque de Soleil for the first time, this assault on the senses refuses to be categorised. It’s not just a meal out. It isn’t just art. It is a multi-faceted creative extravaganza brought together by a bunch of cool, talented, interesting people; a sum-is-greater-than-its-parts collaborative of dynamic, surprising ideas.

I love that, seeing how the chefs have interpreted the artist’s work, helps me to understand that art.

I love the roller-coaster sensation of letting go – avoiding the usual menu decisions of restaurant dining, with the worry of food envy, and just relaxing in the knowledge that every morsel in front of me will taste fabulous. Including the three types of heart in one night.

I love the visual presentation of the dishes – models in black leather rabbit ears serving up phallic looking New Zealand clams whilst watching 50 animated dildos rotate mesmerisingly on a big screen.

Thanks to the amazing artists and chefs as well as the behind the scenes folk who made this amazing night happen.

The menu looked like this:

artdego13 2

Canapes by Joao Martins and cocktail by Jason Clark

artdego13 8
Kyle Street and Hye Rim Lee – Cock Tail

artdego13 4
Makoto Tokuyama and Antony Densham – Zen Temple Garden

artdego13 6
Ed Verner and Laura Forest – Fresh&Bloom

artdego13 7
Dariush Lolaiy and Amber Wilson – Textures of the Hunt Unravelled

artdego13 5artdego13 3
Sonia Haumonte and Matt Molloy – Sugarahtorium Experimentium!

Make sure you get yourself a ticket to Artdego 2014. Just do it.