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I love the anticipation of a new cookbook. The delicious adventure that lie within its pages. The security that there will be at least one or two ideas I can pass off as “oh just something I whipped up” to much admiration of friends and family.

And this one is particularly exciting, because I’ve been following Laura’s blog for some time.

hungry and frozen

This is not some celebrity chef of master chef winner, Laura is a young, motivated, talented kiwi. So when I saw her book in the shop I didn’t hesitate (to the slight concern of my husband Dane who thinks that I already have too many (!) cookbooks). And neither should you. The recipes are unusual, achievable and inspiring. Not the same old same old but not are they Blumenthal-esque. Original twists on classic recipes, savoury versions of sweet treat favourites, and cocktail combos made edible and family-friendly.

Seriously, you need this on your shelf.